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“Whether they’re the fierce undercurrent of a poet’s musings or simply jammin’ on their own, the Jeff Robinson Trio exhibit a power and confidence that flirts with perfection.” Patricia Smith


December 21

Marlon Carey
Marlon Carey

Marlon “Inphynit” Carey has been a regular at the Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam since 2001. He has represented for Boston LL for the past seven years. He is a dynamic performer with-well written poetry about a variety of topics and many more songs to sing yet. He is an accomplished singer/songwriter and actor who spends his day teaching in inner city schools. His subjects range from Creative Writing to Hip Hop. His students will tell you “Mr. Marlon is the coolest teacher,” and his fans will say that “he’s a genius.” Take it for what it’s worth. Check the Brotha out.


“The Lizard Lounge is the Blue Note of spoken word. Backed up by The Jeff Robinson Trio, my words felt held, or rather anointed, in the garb of jazz, which, of course, they were. I cannot wait until I can get back!” Award winning poet Taylor Mali

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