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“Whether they’re the fierce undercurrent of a poet’s musings or simply jammin’ on their own, the Jeff Robinson Trio exhibit a power and confidence that flirts with perfection.” Patricia Smith


April 26

Blue Rose
Blue Rose

Mission: Healing Through Art – Goal: Break the Silence

During the month of April in honor of National Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, we put together an Amazing WoMen Poetry/Artist Showcase. The showcase is a storyboard, ranging from the youngest victim to domestic violence into empowerment, of survivors and supporters both Women and Men share their art to communicate, educate and speak out. We use our voices to empower and help others Break the Silence and Find their Voice.

TRIGGER WARNING: This showcase will pull on your heartstrings, make you angry and sad, it could cause flashbacks or memories you want to forget. I urge you to take a time out, or take a deep breath but don’t leave without checking in or processing your emotions with someone. For more information check out our website: The-Blue-Rose.org, you will find information about artists, more overview of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and PTSD. A list of showcase events, event survey and a finding your voice writing workshop registration form.


Toni Rose
Pat Rossi
Glenn “Lucci” Furman
Crystal Beck
Hannah Brown
Tiffany McKenzie


“The Lizard Lounge is the Blue Note of spoken word. Backed up by The Jeff Robinson Trio, my words felt held or rather anointed, in the garb of jazz, which, of course, they were. I cannot wait until I can get back!” Award-winning poet Taylor Mali

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