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“Whether they’re the fierce undercurrent of a poet’s musings or simply jammin’ on their own, the Jeff Robinson Trio exhibit a power and confidence that flirts with perfection.” Patricia Smith


May 24

18th Anniversary Celebration

18th Anniversary Celebration
18th Anniversary Celebration

We normally celebrate our anniversary in February, but it was canceled because of the craziest Winter in Boston’s history.  Well, that isn’t going to stop us from celebrating eighteen years of poetry and music!  Extra prizes for the winner of the poetry slam!  Come down and enjoy!  Performance poets and jamming musicians listed below.


Harlym 1two5
Douglas Bishop
Michael Bonds
Marlon Carey
Kwene Cedes
Art Collins
Joyce Cunha
Neiel Israel
Christopher Johnson
Tom Parsons
Vernon “VCR” Robinson
Nicole Rodriguez
Pat Rossi

Rudy Rudacious


Jeff Robinson – Sax
Blake Newman – Bass
Brian Rothwell – Drums
Jonas Kahn – Guitar
Pete Shungu – Trumpet
Todd Brunel – Clarinet
Phil Neighbors – Vibraphone
Mwalim – Piano




“The Lizard Lounge is the Blue Note of spoken word. Backed up by The Jeff Robinson Trio, my words felt held or rather anointed, in the garb of jazz, which, of course, they were. I cannot wait until I can get back!” Award-winning poet Taylor Mali

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