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“Whether they’re the fierce undercurrent of a poet’s musings or simply jammin’ on their own, the Jeff Robinson Trio exhibit a power and confidence that flirts with perfection.” Patricia Smith


July 24
Five Team Regional Poetry Slam

National Poetry Slam
National Poetry Slam

This Sunday we will have a regional poetry slam with five teams from the New England area.  We will have the Nuyorican Poetry Slam Team (New York, NY), Mill City Poetry Slam Team (Lowell, MA), Verbal Slap Poetry Slam Team (New Haven CT),  Brooklyn Poetry Slam Team (Brooklyn NY), and the Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team (Cambridge MA).  All of these teams are preparing for the 2016 National Poetry Slam.  The winning team will get $200!  Come out and support.


“The Lizard Lounge is the Blue Note of spoken word. Backed up by The Jeff Robinson Trio, my words felt held, or rather anointed, in the garb of jazz, which, of course, they were. I cannot wait until I can get back!” Award-winning poet Taylor Mali

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