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“Whether they’re the fierce undercurrent of a poet’s musings or simply jammin’ on their own, the Jeff Robinson Trio exhibit a power and confidence that flirts with perfection.” Patricia Smith


May 29
Jive Poetic & Lizard King Challenge

Jive Poetic
Jive Poetic

Jive Poetic received his BA in Media Studies from The University of Buffalo before dedicating all of his time to good poems, classic hip-hop albums, clever t-shirts, blue pit bulls and bodega sandwiches.  Jive is the co-founder of both JAM ON IT POETRY and THE SOUNDBITES POETRY FESTIVAL. Currently, he is the host of the Open Slam at THE NUYORICAN POETS CAFE.  When Jive Poetic is not on tour he leads poetry and hip-hop workshops in the New York City Public School system and in various community centers throughout the tri-state area.

We will also have a challenge to the throne for the Lizard King!

Wallace Coar and Erik Andrade
Wallace Coar and Erik Andrade

Our Lizard King Erik Andrade will be challenged by 2016 Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team member Wallace Coar!  The winner will represent the Lizard lounge in the iWPS (Individual World Poetry Slam) so come one come all!


“The Lizard Lounge is the Blue Note of spoken word. Backed up by The Jeff Robinson Trio, my words felt held, or rather anointed, in the garb of jazz, which, of course, they were. I cannot wait until I can get back!” Award-winning poet Taylor Mali

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