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Blue Rose Project

Blue Rose Project

The Blue Rose Presents

The 7th Annual Amazing WoMen Poetry/Artist Showcase


Ashley Wonder, Chienhwe Carol Hong, Patricia Martin-Rossi, Lucci Furman, Timothy Hall, Elle Zee, Art Collins and Toni Rose

We do this because it
makes you think
Forces you to feel
Tap into emotions

We do this for the children of the children
Who already suffer from trauma

Because there was
No healing
No understanding
No support
For their abused mother and father.

I ask you to think about that family member you thought of as odd, always depressed and anxious. Those family members who are alcoholics and drug addicts – hereditary for some, self-medicating for others. The people in your life who live in fear, those children who are being bullied at school which is not different from those children who has witnessed domestic violence in their homes. A person who is so anxious and hypervigilant who for some can hide it in plan site, and for others, they can barely leave their homes.

Covering up secrets and not talking about the tough “taboo” topics perpetuates the cycles of abuse and trauma. How do you cope with the daily struggles – music, dance, song, poetry… we do, and we believe there is Healing Through Art.

Come find your voice, help break the cycles and heal with us through our art.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States