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Christina Liu

Christina Liu

Christina Liu’s parents escaped China’s Cultural Revolution, settling with her to live in NYC’s Chinatown. This backdrop informs much of her writing. She holds a BA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Formerly an ESL counselor and translator, she is currently an academic advisor and writing instructor at Boston Architectural College. Her work is published in Dream International Quarterly, Phantasm, and featured on the CD, Spoken Live! (Arula Records).

Christina has been a member of Streetfeet Women since 2014, a non-profit writing and performance ensemble and performs with them regularly. Her poems, “Only,” and “I Am,” will be published in the upcoming Frequency Writers anthology, tentatively titled, Word in World. Her recent readings include The Boston Poetry Marathon, The Boston Poetry Salon, Jamaica Plain’s Chapter and Verse. In November, she will take part in the Brockton Public Library’s “Voices of Diversity” program prior featuring there.

She dreams, in spare moments, of green places, rushing waters, and dumplings.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States