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DeWayne Foote

DeWayne Foote

DeWayne Foote is first a licensed plumber. Plumbing will always be my passion, but I have recently discovered writing as not only a way of expressing myself but it is also a way to compartmentalize my emotions. When I write, I get a chance to examine those unexpressed feelings and ask myself why do I feel that particular way. It helps me to better understand myself and my role in life. In short, writing is a new found passion. So as I combine my two passions and rebirth myself into whatever lies ahead, I do so knowing that not only am I equipped for the future…I’m ready. Although I stumbled into my first big writing project, ManTality (which came about after a long-term relationship ended), it helped by allowing me to put my feelings on paper. Those heartfelt words not only lifted my spirits but they alleviated the stress of a lost love.

With the stability of plumbing to sustain me, I can try my hand in a more lucrative field as an artist. I have expanded my writing to encompass poetry and because I have always been so imaginative, the words sort of dance in my head as I write them down. This skill has helped me to caption the beauty I see in women from pictures they have sent me. As a result, I have put together a short, ten-paged coffee table book where I do just that. I am happy that I’ve found this new voice within me and proud to introduce myself as a writer/poet/author.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States