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Douglas Bishop

Douglas Bishop

As a teacher, Douglas Bishop has worked with students ranging in age from 1 to 90, but now teaches undergraduates at the University of Massachusetts. As a poet, he has performed in a variety of venues, from Glasgow to Guatemala, but now he’s mostly in Lowell, MA, at the Untitled Open Mic, where he is the Slam Master. He recently finished a doctorate in education, looking at the development of literate identity in young writers, and continues to work with teen poets as an organizer for Freeverse!, Lowell’s youth poetry group.

While Douglas was not at the first Poetry Jam at the Lizard Lounge, he came along soon after, and has been jamming and slamming at the venue for more than 20 years. For this year’s feature, he will be doing a suite of poems about forests – and deforestation — incorporating characters and elements from the Ramayana.  douglasbishoppoet.com

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States