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Michael "Warrior" Bonds

Michael “Warrior” Bonds

Michael “Warrior” Bonds is a renowned award-winning performance poet and Spokenword artist, motivator, community consultant, and author from Boston, Massachusetts. Warrior, as he is called, is a valued member of the legendary Lizard Lounge Slam Poetry Team.

In 2018 the Lizard Lounge Slam Team ranked 13th out of 82 National Slam Teams.
In 2019 Warrior won the Lizard Lounge Most Valuable Poet and the Grande Champion trophies.
In 2018 GBOS Magazine Boston named him Best Spokenword Artist in Boston.

Warrior is a respected member of his community. He was awarded the Boston Community Warrior Award four times by the Institute of Pan African Culture, Street Peace, Prophets for Non-Profits, and the Nation of Islam for his ongoing work with returning citizens, the proven-risk criminally active gang population, and homeless youth.

He has self-published two books of his poetry; Gunz Poems & Rosez in 2005 and The Write in 2012.

Mr. Bonds is an independent Resource Consultant and the Outreach Programs Coordinator for Mission Safe Boston and other non-profit organizations.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States