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Michael "Warrior" Bonds

Michael “Warrior” Bonds

A Live ZOOM Presentation at the ONLINE SCHOOL OF POETRY.

Michael “Warrior” Bonds will help us restart the Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam. Long Live The KING!

FEATURING The Jeff Robinson Trio!

An Online School of Poetry (OSP) Event!


OSP is owned and operated by Jeff Robinson, who is the host of the Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam and founded in 2005. Jeff has upgraded the software and refocused the direction, and a new and improved OSP will soon have courses in acting, painting, poetry, health & fitness, and more!

The Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam is BACK!

Sit back and make a Jeff Robinson’s Iced Tea (Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Coruba Coconut Rum, Banana Liqueur, fresh-squeezed sour mix & sprite) and get ready! All Hail The Lizard King!

Featured Poet


The Warrior Michael Bonds is a multi-talented nationally recognized and internationally respected Spokenword Artist, author, and motivator from right here in Boston. Straight out of Roxbury to be exact, Michael Bonds has grown to become an effective Motivational Speaker, a Mentor and a Youth Worker for some of Boston’s highest-risk criminally active young men and gang affiliates. He has lent his poetic gift to causes related to human rights and justice and equality for years locally and around the country. Using his unique style of “in your face street powered Inthugligent poetry” he has performed at events and venues and several Ivy League colleges and universities here and abroad. He self-published not one but two books of his own works. “Gunz Poems & Rosez” published in 2005, is his very first manuscript. Most of the content of this book consists of some writings he compiled while in prison for 10 years. His second book “The Write” published in 2012 is a collection of different poetry writing styles. “The Write” proves that Michael W. Bonds aka Warrior is not only a performance Spokenword Artist, he is also a student of the art of poetry. He has an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Bauder College Kaplan University and he is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Prison Industrial Complex Awareness workshop facilitator. After serving 10 consecutive years in Massachusetts Correctional Institutions he was freed in 1999. He has committed his speech to these streets. For 17 years now he has stayed committed spitting truth to power. The Warrior has dedicated his life to using his gift to gab for growth development empowerment movement and change. He is truly an art Actionist.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States