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Pat Rossi

Pat Rossi


Pat Rossi is passionate about life!  Her writing is a reflection of that passion.  It is sometimes painful and raw, sometimes funny and suggestive, sometimes spiritual and political, and always honest and real!  She can shock you, make you laugh, make you cry, make you uncomfortable, and make you think!  Pat believes that no matter how hard life can be, there is always something positive to be grateful for.  When she is not working, Pat can often be found admiring sunrises and sunsets, taking walks along the beach, listening to the sounds of nature on her deck, and enjoying reading time and making Saturday breakfast with her granddaughter Layla

Here are some things her friends and family have to say about her:

VC says: She is strong…someone who loves unconditionally…is a wonderful mother…daughter…sister and friend. Great poet….super sexy! Wonderful cook/ baker! Funny as hell! She’s a Survivor!

MW says: Pat is kind, sweet…she lives with her heart. She is an amazing friend and mother, beautiful inside and out and my life became better when I called her Friend. I love her poetry! She has a very sexy voice! Pat is one of my favorite people to travel with!

CJ says: She’s no stranger to getting a rise from men, making it difficult for them to stand up from tables after her performances!

KA says: I definitely think of Pat as a poet who is devoted to her family and community, as well as being a professional career woman. She is also a talented and passionate chef!

Those are just a few glimpses into her world! Pat has lived in RI all 57 years of her life except the 4 years she attended Syracuse University.  She believes her daughter and son are her greatest accomplishments and her grandchildren are the reward!

To sum things up, Pat accepts the struggle and adversity that life offers and uses them as inspiration, but truly appreciates all the blessings as well! She has one chapbook, My Soul Exposed a Collection of Poems by Patricia A. Martin-Rossi, which is an excellent example of the rawness and honesty in her writing. Someday she hopes to finish several other books she has started! Feel free to connect with her on FB Patricia Martin-Rossi, on Instagram Poet4life23, and on Twitter@Parossi12. You can also check out www.the-blue-rose.org to see Pat’s contributions to the Amazing WoMen Poetry Showcase, which takes place every April.

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States