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Poet vs Rapper

Poet vs Rapper

This Sunday we will have the Third Annual Rappers vs Poets Contest! YES!! MC’s going against POETS to determine who will be the 2017 WORLD CHAMPION OF THE LIZARD LOUNGE!! Hosted by the one and only Harlym 1two5 and featuring DJ Christophlex Wzbr!

We are still adding performers as we speak. If you want in or know someone who wants in let us know.

Poets and Rappers performing so far! (in no particular order)

Illin Pat Dash Rickerr
Joseph Skoot Mosby
Jeannie Nunes
Sadi Diazabakana
Elijah Divine
Lexi Wight
Michael W. Bonds
Erik Andrade
Art Collins
Professor Shuman
Rudy Cabrera
Moe Pope
Will Chalmus

And many more! We’ll add more as we get more!

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States