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Rudy Cabrera

Rudy Cabrera

Rudy Cabrera aka Rudacious is an Actor/Poet/Storyteller from Providence, RI. Rudy started Acting at 17 and has done an array of stage productions from various Shakespeare shows to more modern contemporary theater productions, even doing bilingual Spanish speaking roles and on camera has played Dimitrius in the Boston Based web series “The Pineapple Diaries,” and more recently he played Jason Myers in the 18x award winning Hip Hop horror short film “Deep Redd!”

As a poet Rudy has performed nationally in poetry slams representing the Lizard Lounge team in Cambridge, MA and in 2013 his team made the top 8 in the country. Also Rudy has graced the stages of countless schools, fundraisers, conferences and even random hole in the wall dive bars. “I’m just a lover of language. I seek both the witty ness of language to entertain & then the purpose of language to create the emotion or message I want the audience to have! It’s really about connecting words with people for me!”

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States