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Rudy Ru

Rudy Ru

Rudy Ru aka Rudacious at his artistic core is an actor first and foremost, but he stumbled upon poetry & spoken word and his stumble turned into a love for words, stories & creativity. As a hip hop fan, experienced actor & pensive introvert, Rudy Ru’s poetry can sound like; an off beat rhyme, a monologue or a diary entry at any given moment. Whatever it is, he presents with a commitment and stage presence that has earned him respect amongst other top tier poets & artists in New England.

“The past couple years have been a struggle to find myself as an individual away from art. I got into acting at 17 years young and it quickly became what I defined myself off of. Now at 28 with 11 years in, my work is changing for the better because I’m changing for the better. I’m much more confident in myself as a man not just as an artist, so this is a great time for me. If you’re reading this I hope you can join me.” -Rudy Ru

1667 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02476
United States